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Concrete Applications

Offering a broad range of products and expertise for technical concrete applications including structures cast-in-situ, precast elements, structural precast, and building & civil engineering.

Betocarb HP is a mineral solution based on Calcium Carbonate, that optimizes the fines content (<125 µm) to prevent bleeding and segregation of SCC. It also improves the color and surface texture of architectural concrete.
Betocarb F is a Fine Ground Calcium Carbonate (<40 µm) that reduces porosity and improves the early age strength of technical mortar and high strength concrete.

Betoflow D is dedicated to UHPC and 3D printing to enhance flow behavior and reduce the water/cement ratio. Due to its low water demand, Betoflow D can be used in combination with SCM and pigments to optimize the chemical admixture content.

Omya Mineral Plasticizer

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Mineral Admixtures

Focusing on the required characteristics of the final products, Omya adds value throughout its range of Mineral Admixtures. In technically complex systems such as SCC or UHPC, Omya's Mineral Plasticizers provide strong benefits, such as an improved water/cement ratio optimizing the chemical admixture efficiency. Omya's Mineral Accelerator is dedicated to speeding up the hydration process for applications like 3D printing, shotcrete, and eco-concrete.

Lightweight Fillers for Concrete

Lightweight filler can be produced using a variety of lightweight aggregates from either cenospheres or expanded perlite with the grading particularity of a top cut lower than 1 mm. Lightweight filler are hard, rigid, light and insulative and particularly interesting for the production of innovative lightweight mortar and concrete.
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Mineral Admixtures With Low Carbon Footprint for Your Concrete Applications

Typical Concrete Applications

Omya’s product portfolio addresses the challenges of highly technical concrete applications like SCC, ECO concrete, UHPC, architectural concrete, 3D printing or shotcrete as well as heavy and lightweight concrete. Our Betocarb and Betoflow product portfolio enables technical advantages through optimizing the admixture efficiency to achieve concrete’s best workability, durability and strength.
In addition to our wide range of Calcium Carbonate products, Omya offers a selection of complementary products from leading suppliers of specialty chemicals.
  • Cement Additives
  • Dispersing Agents
  • Rheology Modifers
  • TiO2
  • Other Additives
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SCC flows and spreads easily, fills any irregular voids, saves on manpower & time, and is suitable for the building of skyscrapers in congested locations.

Self Compacting Concrete (SCC)

Improving the sustainability is one of the big challenges of the cement and concrete industry. Eco concrete offers a lower CO2 footprint compared to regular concrete. This is usually achieved by using cements with a reduced clinker factor or combination of cement and supplementary cementitous materials (e.g. natural pozzolan, fly ash, calcined clay, blast furnace slag). Such cements contain as main constituent a pozzolanic mineral filler (like fly ash or metakaolin) and are typically less reactive than ordinary portland cement. Our products provide synergies with SCM yielding to optimizations in w/c, workability, packing and resistance to segregation.

ECO Concrete

UHPC is an extremely strong, load-bearing, concrete with great compressive strength. With UHPC, a lower volume of concrete is needed to support structures such as columns, walls, and beams. It is a fast and very cost-effective option for constructing skyscrapers and long-span bridges.

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

Architectural concrete offers varied color options for aesthetic, decor, and safety-related applications such as walls, panels, columns, and any structural form of concrete with an exposed surface.

Architectural Concrete

3D concrete printing refers to various technologies that enable the fabrication of buildings or construction components in completely new shapes that were not possible with traditional concrete formwork. Shotcrete is typically reinforced by conventional steel rods, steel mesh, or fibers.

3D Printing / Shotcrete

Changing the density allows concrete to be used for non-traditional applications. Lightweight concrete reduces the weight of the finished structure and improves thermal insulation. Heavyweight concrete (which contain barite) is used where high mass is required on a limited volume (e.g. counterweights). In addition, it offers excellent shielding against electromagnetic radiation.

Heavy and Lightweight Concrete

Betocarb UF flyer
Betocarb UF is a pure, Ultrafine Ground Calcium Carbonate (<10 µm) acting as a mineral accelerator by providing nucleation sites. It is recommended for the use in eco-concrete, UHPC, shotcrete, and 3D printing applications.

Omya Mineral Accelerator 

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